The Enterprise

The Tea Campaign is an integral part of the Projektwerkstatt GmbH (Project Workshop), an independent enterprise dedicated to innovative entrepreneurial ideas. Projektwerkstatt GmbH is not connected to the university.
However, we feel that academic theory should empower everybody to introduce economic and social movements into everyday life.

Founded in 1985, the enterprise has by now convinced more than 140.000 customers. Last year, we sold 401.000 kilograms of Darjeeling tea and 90% of that in bags of one kilogram. We employ 15 people and have become the largest tea mail-order house in Germany.


Project Workshop (Projektwerkstatt)
Company for Creative Economy Ltd.
(Gesellschaft für kreative Ökonomie mbH)
Pasteurstraße 6-7
D-14482 Potsdam

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