The Campaign

A Great Idea, a Great Tradition, a Great Collaboration


The "campaign principle" enables our customers to buy a year's supply of the finest Darjeeling at an extravagantly small price.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Swiss entrepreneur and visionary Gottlieb Duttweiler started the tradition of creating value for and with the consumer. His goal was to provide a pure product at an attractive price, using the simplest means of distribution. For his blending of social vision and market economics, he was attacked by both socialists and capitalists. One camp was defending its doctrine, the other its profits.

For our company, the term "campaign" describes both our selling strategy and our economic vision:


Simplicity. The Tea Campaign sells only Darjeeling. Simplicity saves money.


Economy of scale. We buy in bulk. Economy of scale reduces costs.


Highest quality. We focus on Darjeeling and carry out the strictest inspections. We select the best quality, and we bring it to you at a low price.


Large packets. Tea stores well for long periods. Large packets save on packaging and storage costs.


Informed customers. Our tea is sold at certain times each year. Our customers keep in touch to stay supplied. We save on interest and marketing expenses.

Our customers have spread the word. For two decades, they have enjoyed a great product at low cost.